Rating 5- I moved to Fort Worth in August and found Doggie Diggs through internet searching. Doggie Diggs is located close to my place of employment in the hospital district and centrally located to all of Fort Worth. My puppy Reese is around 10 pounds so it was comforting to know she would be with other dogs relatively her own size. Reese loves coming to Doggie Diggs. She can’t wait to get out of the car and go inside. There’s even times when she’s picked up from daycare that she doesn’t want to leave and runs back to the play area! And when she gets home, she’s completely exhausted and we get such a good night of sleep 🙂 Doggie Diggs also offers boarding. Anytime I’ve needed to board Reese, there’s always been room. Even when it’s been a last minute emergency, Candace and her staff have been accommodating to meet over the weekend when they’re letting the other dogs out so that I can get Reese into boarding. Doggie Diggs also offers dog training and grooming. I have not used the training, but I must say Reese’s mannerisms have improved since starting daycare. I wouldn’t want to take my Reese anywhere else. Thank you all for being so great! – Thank you so much!! You’re so sweet!! We sure love all your babies!! Name- E Dubrick 01/16/2015
Rating 5- Doggie Diggs is the BEST! I’m so grateful that my Annie has found it. She loves playing with her friends and I love knowing that I can trust wonderful Candance, Taylor, and her fabulous team. They treat all dogs as if they are their own. I have used both the daycare and the boarding service and continue to be super grateful for both. Highly recommend! – I’m sorry, but we don’t have a client by this name. Name- LeeAnn Franklin 01/31/2019
Rating 5- Candace is awesome and our dogs love going to camp with her! – Thank you Larry!! We love you and sweet Buddy!! Name- Hallie Vasseur 02/03/2018
Rating 5- The staff was pleasent and helpful.loved the atmosphere I would come back definitely – Thank you Jen! We love you and Charlie!! ❤️�� Name- Chris Crist 02/06/2018
Rating 5- My Charlie is always over the moon on daycare days. He loves Miss Candace and he cant get through the Doggie Diggs doors fast enough. Candace and Taylor always take such great care of Charlie and it makes my heart happy to see him so happy when he visits. – Thank you sweet Ramon!! We love you and Destin-to-be very much! Name- Jen Green 02/15/2019
Rating 5- This is a wonderful place to take your doggie. Their friendly kind service is unmatched! U won’t be disappointed, love it, love it!❤ – Thank you so much LeeAnn! We love you and sweet Annie very much!! Name- Ramon Bryant 02/15/2019
Rating 5- I’ve been taking my dog, Sugar, to Doggie Diggs for the last year. Candace and the crew are great. Sugar has a great time and gets along with the other dogs. She comes home exhausted but happy. I have complete confidence in the Doggie Diggs staff and believe they are taking excellent care of my fur baby. In fact, I love their private web cam feature that allows me to see all the poochies having fun throughout the day. It has proven to me that my trust is well founded and that Candace is interacting with the dogs and keeping their well-being top of mind. I would highly recommend this dog daycare establishment to anyone! – Thank you so much! That’s so sweet! Name- Amy Buresh 03/10/2015
Rating 5- I love Doggie Diggs! I use Doggie Diggs to board my 3 dogs whenever I go out of town. My dogs had been to so many different boarding facilities and it seemed like there was always some problem and they would be very upset to go back. I know that Candace really loves dogs and they love her! My dogs are anxious to ride in my car because they don’t know if they are going to the vet or what, but once they reach Doggie Diggs, they relax and act like it’s their second home. It’s because they truly have fun there, get lots of attention and feel loved. My two little dogs, a shi-malt and peek-a-poo, aged 9 and 12, have not been around many other dogs and are not that social and a little snappy with other dogs. She lets them play outside in their own play area and I appreciate that they don’t have to be stressed by a group of dogs they are not comfortable with. I truly appreciate her concern for other dogs that are more social and that she wants to protect them from any possible negative conflict with my dogs. They still get lots of play time and attention with the humans. I think Candace lets every dog be themselves, accepts them for who they are and gives them just what they need to be happy, safe and comfortable. I am so excited for her to meet my new puppy,a very energetic Brittany Spaniel who will be boarding with her soon! I know he will love it there too! It gives me so much joy and peace of mind to know that when I am out of town seeing family or on vacation having a great time, my dogs are also having a great time as well! Thank you Candace, for providing us with Doggie Diggs! – Name- Magdalene LimaFiallos 03/11/2015
Rating 5- My dog has been coming to Doggie Diggs for years. She went for the first time at 6 months old shortly after DD opened…and now 5+ years later LOVES it just as much. I do too! There is an indoor and outdoor area for cage-free play. Also separate areas that are set-up for dogs that may need a break. I know as my dog has gotten older, she may need a break from the higher-energy puppies. They make sure that each pup gets the attention and care he/she needs throughout the day. Most importantly, as someone who loves her dog like crazy (like everyone!), I trust Candace and the team to keep my dog safe and happy. She is so excited to get to go play 1-2 days of week while I have especially long work days. I don’t feel guilty, and she comes home and crashes from a wonderful day. If I am every missing her during the day, I can check-out the webcam. It caters to small dogs, which is important to me. I also like that there is a continual vetting process to make sure that each dog is a good fit for the group. Mozart and I are so grateful to Candace and her team for everything they do! Thank you for caring and creating this piece of doggie-heaven in Ft. Worth!! I could never take her anywhere else! – Name- Karly Taylor 03/11/2015
Rating 5- Recently, we decided to add another dog to our family. We got an older rescue dog and wanted to make sure he got plenty of dog interaction. We took Charlie to Doggie Diggs where Candace tested his disposition with her regulars. Candace told me to not be surprised if he did not fit in. If he didn’t fit with the main group she would determine which dog group would be best for him. Well, to all our surprise Charlie gets along with all the dogs. He plays with the puppies and with the regulars. Charlie only goes part-time but he always comes home a happy, sleepy boy. – Name- Cindy Lawrey 03/11/2015
Rating 5- I have a 3 month old miniature poodle puppy that I started bringing to Doggie Diggs in order to get her properly socialized, especially with dogs her size. She was shy at first and uncertain of the new experience, but owner Candace and her trainer Tess worked with her, making sure she wasn’t overwhelmed by other dogs. They also reinforce the good behaviors I’m teaching her at home with a clicker and positive reinforcement. Now, my puppy loves going to Doggie Diggs and is very comfortable! I love that Candace can gauge her needs since she is learning how to be away from me. It is also nice that there are other puppies there who can match my puppy’s energy and become lifelong friends! I liked the daycare and training services, so my puppy will also be groomed there. It’s really a one-stop-shop and I never have to worry while I am work that my puppy is being taken care of. – UDATE!! We actually did respond right away to this review but had edited it in order to make it shorter and more precise, therefore the date that is shown is not the original date, its the date of the edit. Thanks! It’s never easy to explain to an owner that their dog is not thriving in a daycare environment. I totally understand that and that sometimes pet parents, as all parents get their feelings hurt. We are a boutique daycare and we are all day cage free, which is very rare and so we have to be extremely careful in the dogs that are in our daycare. We explained to Erica from the beginning that Jax was a little rough for our dogs even though he was small. Our dogs can play rough but he was just rougher than our dogs wanted to play. We explained that he would have to have a one on one playdate with a dog that we had that could handle him and she agreed that that was fine and understood. Jax only came on Tuesday’s and Thursdays for daycare/training. He had a one on one playtime with a dog that had his same play style and sometimes more than one. He had training, then lunch and then either more training or more playtime and by that time the day was over. Jax had a great day and didn’t get overly stimulated and really seemed happy. The meeting was about the training and what Erica was doing at home with his training to keep it up. As anyone knows a dog can have all the training in the world, but the owner is the one that has to follow through and so Tess wanted to go over what she was doing on her part. Tess taught Jax all the basic commands- Touch, sit, stay, come, leave it, drop it, shake, etc. I have emails where Erica agreed not only to everything mentioned above but also to the training and price for the training. I say it all the time, some of my best daycare dogs took the longest to integrate for all kinds of reasons, but we will take as long as it takes and we appreciate owner’s that respect our decisions because in the end they are so happy and thankful! Again, since we are all day cage free play and that’s very different from other daycare’s we have to be very careful what dogs we accept. . We are thrilled Jax found a daycare that he thrives in and enjoys, that truly is all that matters! Name- Unknown Secret 05/11/2014
Rating 5- Candace and her team are outstanding and I can’t say enough nice things about how they’ve cared for our dog, Scout, and how kind they’ve been to me and my husband. We had a water leak in our home that left us with no good option but to board Scout for weeks at a time. Candace never hesitated to take her in on short notice and love on her while we had to deal with house issues. It’s also a great comfort to us to see how excited Scout is in to run into the building once we pull into the parking lot. I usually can’t open the car door fast enough for Scout to run in and play. Trust your dog kiddos to this fabulous team – they’re like a second family! – Name- Stacy Wright 05/12/2014
Rating 5- Our puppy Ziggy absolutely loves Doggie Diggs and so do we! We haven’t had a puppy in 20 years and had to leave town with no one to take care of our 4 month old puppy. We were so excited to find a place that only takes small dogs and loves him as much as we do. Candace sent us pictures of him and the other dogs while we were on our trip. And seeing him playing on the doggie cams is awesome. He now enjoys the doggie day care and loves to go there. He cries in the AM if he doesn’t get to go! – Thank you so much Stacy!!! We adore Lilly and you!! Thank you for letting us love on such a sweet baby girl!! Name- Andrea Carroll 05/12/2014
Rating 5- We take our dog Stella to daycare at least once a week, and she absolutely LOVES it! The second she enters, she is off running and playing. Not only can I check-in on her through the webcam, but Candace will send me pictures and videos so I can see just how much fun Stella is having. You can tell that Candace truly loves dogs and her job, and that reflects in how happy (and exhausted!) Stella is when we pick her up. We also board our large bulldog here, and he gets his own separate play area away from the little ones to keep everyone safe. We love that our dogs are so well-loved and taken care of here! – Name- Christa Garrett 05/13/2014
Rating 5- Recently my stepfather passed away and we had to leave town with little notice. My pet Schnoodle was scheduled to be neutered that same week. Candace offered to take Ziggy to the vet as well as pick him up after the procedure so he could convalesce with his puppy buddies at Doggie Diggs. What a relief! The compassion Candace displays for her business is inspiring. My dog has become social and his personality has bloomed. The delight he displays as we pull into the parking lot is very satisfying. I can have the peace of mind he will be well cared for and he has the time of his life with his puppy buddies. He comes home tuckered out and content! I couldn’t ask for more!!! – Name- Roger D. Carroll 05/15/2014
Rating 5- Absolutely love Doggie Diggs! I was referred to Doggie Diggs after I had a bad experience with another kennel in the FW area. Candace, the owner, made me feel comfortable leaving my one year old Yorkie under her care. It is evident everyone at Doggie Diggs is a dog lover! Additionally, a trainer and groomer are conveniently on-site and are wonderful as well. The best part is you know all of these individuals genuinely care for your puppy. Just spend a couple of minutes there or see how they interact with the dogs through the webcam, and you will have no doubt your four-legged friend is in good hands. – Name- Mayra Guerra 05/19/2014
Rating 5- Doggies barking. Friendly staff. Shop local. – Name- Larry Kemp 05/19/2019
Rating 5- Doggie diggs is awesome! I started taking my Avery there when she was 14 weeks old to help socialize her and she loves it! Candace and her team takes such great care of her. They were very careful with introducing her to new dogs because she’s a baby. She gets fed a lunch and gets to play in a spacious yard. I have peace of mind when I drop her off before work. When I come pick her up she is exhausted from her busy day of playing with friends. She sleeps very hard on daycare days. I love getting picture texts from Candace. You are also able to log in and view your pup on webcam! The funny thing is when I mention the word daycare in front of Avery, she gets super excited and is ready to go! – Name- Polly N 06/15/2016
Rating 5- Doggie Diggs has been an awesome daycare for my sweet Fur-baby! Candace and the girls at DD are very sweet and take extra good care of all the dogs! Very knowledgable staff…Highly recommended – Name- Sonya Tanna 06/15/2016
Rating 5- My two year old toy poodle has been going to Doggie Diggs since she was 8 wks old! Candice and her team helped with her training and socializing. They took great care to pair her with other dogs that would gently socialize her into the group. They also provide grooming, boarding and have various treats and dog food products for purchase. My fur baby loves going to daycare, and I finally boarded her for an overnight stay for several days/nights and she did great! Doggie Diggs is my fur baby’s home away from home! Highly recommended! – Name- K Harris 06/20/2016
Rating 5- Our Border Terrier puppy, Bodie, started attending playcare at Doggie Diggs when he was around 6 months old. Candace and her staff have been so welcoming and professional throughout the whole process. They work hard to make sure all their client’s furbabies are well cared for and comfortable. She has even sent home Bodie’s favorite toys so he could play with them over the weekend! The staff all go above and beyond to make sure that the dogs have fun and their humans are happy too. I highly recommend them! – Name- denise cook 06/25/2016
Rating 5- Doggie Diggs is quite simply the best place for my pup! They are attentive, nurturing and fun! They are extremely professional and take excellent care of their clients (pups and their owners). I would highly recommend Doggie Diggs for day care, boarding and grooming. A total package! – This is not a client and never has been! Don’t know this person. Strictly spam! Name- Natalie Wilkins 06/29/2016
Rating 5- My two yorkies absolutely love Doggie Diggs! I take them a couple of times a week, which has proven to be a great way to avoid cooped up energy. My pups have learned which days they go and they definitely hold me to that schedule. I love that daycare is limited to dogs in their same size category. I get to drop them off in a safe environment that allows them to have stress-free playtime with their friends. The owner, Candace, makes it a priority to get to know all of her pups in order to give them a personalized experience that works best for their personalities. The regulars have their own personalized cubbies to store their belongings, which is really helpful (and cute). Doggie Diggs has become like a second home to my babies. It makes them so happy to go and that makes me happy. I am so glad to have found it. – Name- Gena Nicole 06/30/2016
Rating 5- My Italian Grehound mix puppy has been going to day care since she was about 6 months old. And when I had to switch daycares from a place she had been going to for over a year to Doggie Diggs I was nervous. But Doggie Diggs has been better than I could have imagined! Zoey is not the most social dog and prefers not to be in regular day care and at Doggie Diggs they understand that. Instead she gets one on one fetch play time which is her favorite thing in the world. I appreciate that they truly care for Zoey and do what is best for her which is not necesarily what is easiest for them! Who wants to throw a ball continuiously in this Texas heat!!! We will continue to go to Doggie Diggs everyday as long as I live in Fort Worth! – Name- Kristen Porter 07/01/2016
Rating 5- My puppy absolutely loves Doggie Diggs! In fact, if I don’t move fast enough in the morning, he starts fussing at me so I will hurry up. When we get within a block or two, he starts going crazy. I sometimes tease Candace and accuse her of giving him puppy crack :)) Also, when I have to board him, I feel a lot less guilt because this is like his home away from home. Candace and her employees are awesome and it shows how much they care. I’m so grateful that I discovered Doggie Diggs, and I don’t know what I would do without it! – Name- Pamela Adams 07/04/2013
Rating 5- Charles, my Italian greyhound, and I absolutely love Doggie Diggs! The staff and owner are friendly and very attentive. I bring Charles to Doggie Diggs a few days a week for daycare and have let him sleepover twice when I’ve gone out of town for work. Charles gets lots of time outdoors to run around and play with his buddies during daycare, but spends the hot afternoon indoors in the A/C. Every time that I pick him up he’s tired from all the fun he’s had! I really appreciate all the communication I get from the staff and owner as well as the indoor and outdoor webcams. Furthermore, since every dog has to pass a temperament test, I’m sure that Charles is safe from ill-mannered bullies. I highly recommend Doggie Diggs. They’ve made my life a lot easier. – Name- Noah Hopping 07/11/2013
Rating 5- We had to leave our three doggies for two weeks, because we went on the international trip. Doggie Diggs was the perfect place – safe, fun, and totally reliable. We had a peace of mind knowing that our boys are in good hands. They got to play during the day with the daycare and at night they all slept together in a huge crate. We also checked on them through the webcam and got their pictures. When we got home, they were happy and healthy. And the prices are very reasonable for the quality of care that your pets get at Doggie Diggs. When we travel from now on, our boys are staying at Doggie Diggs. – Name- Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez 07/15/2014
Rating 5- This place is amazing.My dog absolutely loved being there. Candace and her staff are the best caregivers for Cole I could have ever wanted. He got to socialize with other dogs as well as listen to spa music.I received updates via pictures, texts, and videos. They spoiled him there as I would have done at home.I could not recommend a better doggie daycare or boarding facility such as this place. They know what they’re doing and they are the best at it. Thank you again Candace and to all of your staff as well. – Name- Rhydian English 09/04/2015
Rating 5- Doggie Diggs has been absolutely instrumental in helping me raise my pup. Candace and her team treat the puppies who come to play each day as if they were their very own – I go to work every day knowing my little guy is getting the very best care, attention and having the most fun! Candace has become family to me and I am so grateful to her for her friendship, professionalism and knowledge. I am a better pup parent because of her. The daycare itself is very, very clean and there are lots of fun toys and a great indoor playroom and yard for the pups to romp around. I particularly appreciate the lengths the team goes to to keep the pups cool during the hot summer months. The boarding facilities are also just as wonderful and the pups who stay get a lot of special attention. Candace will go out of her way for her clients – she will do everything to accommodate special requests or pick-up times. I really can’t say enough great things about this place. Thank you, Doggie Diggs! **Update 9/8/16 I wanted to share this story from this morning – I think it’s so important that prospective clients know that their pups are in the best possible hands with Candace and her team. My pup was being watched by another friend yesterday evening and when I returned late, we went about our usual bedtime routine. This morning at breakfast I noticed he gulped down two dishes of water – something very, very unusual for him. He seemed lethargic and out of sorts. I mentioned this to Candace to immediately tended to him and realized quickly that somehow, he had become dehydrated and was in a bad way. She immediately knew what symptoms to look for! Candace kept in constant text contact with me while I was at work and made my pup as comfortable as possible – made sure he stayed inside today with it being so hot, monitoring his water intake very closely and making sure he had chew toys to stimulate saliva production. By late morning, my little guy was back to himself and out of the danger zone all because Candace went above and beyond with her care. Candace saved us from a very expensive vet bill and an emergency situation. I am so grateful to her and the individualized care she gives each and every pup who comes through the daycare doors. She treats each of furry friend as if they are her own and it’s moments like these I realize how lucky I am to be able to have my pup in her care each day. Thank you!!! – Name- Alexandra Felgar 09/08/2016
Rating 5- Four paws up!!! Candace has owned and operated Doggie Diggs for 10+ years, genuinely caring for her day care doggie bunch and overnight boarders too. You won’t find a more loving owner and staff. – Name- amber brown 10/22/2019
Rating 5- I think my dog lives better than I do when she’s with Candace and her staff at Doggie Diggs. My dog goes multiple times a week – she loves getting pampered, exercised and hanging out with all her friends and I love that she’s tired and happy at the end of the day! I also love that Candace offers so many additional services like training, grooming and a selection of super healthy dog food all under her roof. This place is the best! – Name- Amber Blair 10/23/2013
Rating 5- Doggie Diggs provides a great playday day care for my bichon mix Jack! We just moved to Fort Worth and Doggie Diggs was my first stop. He can’t wait to get out of the car in the morning and sleeps the whole way home. I love the price and he loves his new buddies which are just his size! – Name- Dianne Larivee 10/23/2013
Rating 5- My girl just finished her first week at Doggie Diggs and it was a great experience! Candace and her staff made us feel so comfortable! Candace kept me updated all week and sent me pictures of her having a good time! – Name- Becky D 10/28/2018
Rating 5- Very personable doggie daycare w/people who care about your loved one almost as much as you do! Responsive, safe, clean, friendly, loving, reasonably priced, great location from downtown ft worth. Also love that it’s small dogs only. – Name- Trina Segura 10/31/2013
Rating 5- We take our dog, Georgia, once a week to Doggie Diggs and she absolutely loves it. When I ask her if she wants to go to Doggie Diggs today she immediately runs to the door. Candace is great with all of the dogs and this is the only place we found that has an actual outside playground for the dogs to hangout all day. If you don’t want you dog locked up in a kennel or small room for most of the day Dogdie Diggs is for you. The best part is your dog being completely tired and lazy for the rest of the night when you get home. – Name- Aaron Brunson 10/31/2013
Rating 5- I’ve been bringing my dog, Lilly, here once a week for a couple of months now. She was a little socially awkward at first and now she doesn’t even say goodbye when I drop her off. *sniff sniff* Candace is absolutely wonderful with these animals. Lilly’s first couple of weeks, she would send me updates and pictures. (Maybe she knew I was a hover furbaby mom). The dogs rarely are inside, which is wonderful. Lilly comes home tired every single time! I would highly recommend Doggie Diggs to any fur-parent! – Name- Stacy S 11/03/2016
Rating 5- I had a great experience with this daycare. Ive been a pet owner most my life and am picky when it comes to leaving them. My Maudey immediately took to Candace the owner, as if they knew each other forever! I have used Doggie Diggs frequently now, we love it! – Name- Joe Bee 11/14/2016
Rating 5- I’m a student at TCU with a 9 month old dog. With my crazy unpredictable schedule, this could have been a major struggle to give my dog (Ella) the care and play that she deserves. I am so grateful for Candace and Taylor at Doggie Diggs! The moment I dropped Ella off I felt so comfortable! I was very nervous that Ella wouldn’t get approved since she still has puppy tendencies, but Candace could not have been sweeter and more welcoming! Candace assured me that she made sure all the dogs were safe to play with eachother and constantly sends me updates of Ella’s new friends which warms my heart! Ella even has her own locker! When I drop her off in the morning she jumps into Candace’s arms and is ready for the day! They truly care about the dogs which makes my heart so happy! My dog is a much happier and socialized dog now that she goes to Doggie Diggs! – Name- Peyton Peltier 11/21/2017
Rating 5- Candace and her team provide the best of care for small breeds, offering daycare, obedience training, overnight boarding and grooming services. They are awesome! Doggie Diggs has helped me transition a new puppy in my life, giving me great comfort that she is well cared for during my work day. Candace was careful to place my puppy with other dogs of her same personality and energy level, which greatly helped to socialize my puppy. Candace also gave special attention when my puppy went through her spay surgery, personally checking on her while she was recovering at home and helping ease her back into the daycare. My puppy gets so excited every morning when it’s time to go to daycare. While there she enjoys running and playing in a leash free environment and socializing with the Doggie Diggs team and all her doggie friends. My puppy and I absolutely love Doggie Diggs! – Name- k barbee 11/24/2014
Rating 4- – Name- Janice Christie 05/05/2016
Rating 2- – Name- kathryn nichols 06/24/2019
Rating 1- I had a bad experience here, but I’m sure it’s possible for you to have a good experience here. My dog (pug/lhasa apso, around 20lbs, 6 months old, rough, but not mean), came here for daycare and training. My dog was at Doggie Diggs from November – January and I thought I was happy with the care my dog was receiving, he was tired when he came home at the beginning and I was getting good reports from Candice and the girl who was there after 5 (sorry, can’t remember her name!) and they all acted as if all was well. Eventually, he stopped being tired, but I thought it was because he was getting used to it. In the middle of January, the dog trainer Candice works with (Tess) asked me if I would come in to meet with her. Tess told me that my dog had never been integrated into the pack of dogs and was only allowed to play with one dog at a time. Tess, who was supposed to be training my dog, at Candice’s request, told me that they couldn’t handle him and maybe it would be best if I stopped going for 2 full days a week and brought it down to half of a day a week. So, I’d been paying Candice $18/day to keep my dog separated from other dogs and in a kennel more time than I was ok with and being lied to about how he was behaving at daycare. They never communicated this to me until we were three months into this and Tess’s method of communication was rude and ineffective (if you’re thinking of using her to train your dog, I’d think twice…she’s my next review). It was also strange that Candice wouldn’t participate in this meeting. First, I do not understand not being able to handle him. He is a dog, they are people. Second, dogs usually sort it out between themselves and are OK together, but clearly these dogs were never given an opportunity to teach my dog how to behave around them or play with him. Third, the least they could have done was keep me up to date with how it was going rather than just saying that he was good all the time. I love him, so obviously I believed them. I think the main problem, other than a huge lack of communication, is the staff/management. I think Candice wants what is best for all of the dogs in her care, but is unable to provide it. It seems like there is only ever 1 person there at a time and they aren’t in the room with the dogs, they’re in the lobby/training area. The lack of communication was disturbing, given that I’d been paying for my dog to play and interact with dogs while I was at work and he wasn’t getting to do any of these things. I also had to hear this secondhand, from Tess, rather than from the owner, Candice. I asked for a refund on the days that my dog did not get to use at the daycare and Candice took care of it quickly for me. Candice is very nice, but if you’re looking for a professional daycare where you can be sure someone is watching your dog and that you aren’t being lied to about your dog’s interactions with other dogs, etc., I’d try Spa Paws. UPDATE: Just noticed that Candice posted a response to my original review a year after I’d posted it and alleges that she has emails, etc. confirming that I knew of their less-than-stellar treatment of my dog. Know that this is not true and if I thought for one second that Jax wasn’t getting the exact care that I thought he was, I would not have continued to leave him there. And the meeting with the sub-par dog trainer was solely about how Jax was actually being treated in daycare and how I needed to understand it and still continue to give them money for his care, but on their terms, and we never talked about Jax’s training, how to access all the commands he’d been taught, etc. Just be aware that you should ask Candice explicitly if they’re treating your dog how you think they are. – Name- Erica Gibbs 05/11/2017

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