Our Facilities

General Facilities
  • We have secure indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • We use baby gates and play pens to divide dogs into separate play groups at times. They are used to separate different play groups, give someone a break from the rowdies, give the rowdies a break in general, and training in distractions.
  • The dogs are under constant supervision. We do have webcams overlooking both indoor and outdoor areas, but we do not rely on them. There is always someone with the doggies.
  • Owners of pups attending our daycare can watch their furkid through the webcams.
  • Chairs, beds, blankets, and crates are made available at the appropriate times. After a hard play session, we might place blankets on the floor for the dogs to rest on.
  • Extra fans and heaters are brought in to keep a
  • We play a lot of fun, dog-related DVDs on a TV thats mounted on a wall and out of reach.
  • The yard is kept extremely clean, not only because stepping in poop is totally gross, but because some dogs like to eat it or wear it as perfume. We react to potty dances instantly.
  • Play sets for small children are a hit with every dog! They make great look out posts, sun bathing platforms and hiding places.
  • The yard is separated into two areas so we can manage play groups, train with distractions, make evaluations, etc.
  • One huge tree provides half of the yard with shade, always covering our wooden porch, where we relax on our dog-friendly patio furniture.

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